Vision GT


We took ques from Classic and modern sports and racing cars and transformed it into our vision of a modern driving machine with a retro twist!

YourGTstarts out as a newly manufactured composite body with matching aluminum monocoque frame. Composite body work is constructed from your choice of premium materials. Your vehicle is delivered in gel/surface coat with all of your specified components.

Component personalization ensures that each machine can be as focused and tailored as desired. We expect every machine to represent and reflect the unique tastes and perspectives of its owner, whether targeted at regular use on the road or ultimate performance on or off road. To this end we offer engine, transmission, suspension and interior components to make your vehicle mild or wild!

Customize your kit below! Just the bare essentials or every part ready to assemble! Should you have special wishes or requests that go further than the choices listed we will be happy to discuss them.Bodywork, paint and assembly available upon request.Options available at an extra cost.

Customize your Vision GT below: