vision 240z


We take a 1969-1978 Nissan Zand take it to the next level!

YourZ-Carstarts with a supplied or sourced core vehicle. The VIN is verified and the vehicle will retain its VIN number throughout the process.

After a careful dis-assembly and thorough media blasting, panel replacement and key seam welding is completed to solidify the core vehicle. Modified sub frames and chassis bracing are also attached at this time.

Component personalization ensures that each machine can be as focused and tailored as desired. We expect every machine to represent and reflect the unique tastes and perspectives of its owner, whether targeted at regular use on the road or ultimate performance on or off road. To this end we offer engine, transmission, suspension and interior components to make your vehicle mild or wild!

Customize your kit below! Just the bare essentials or every part ready to assemble! Should you have special wishes or requests that go further than the choices listed we will be happy to discuss them.Bodywork, paint and assembly available upon request.Options available at an extra cost.

Composite body work (nose, front fenders, hood, rear fenders, rockers, rear bumper and valence) is constructed from your choice of premium materials and bonded/bolted to the donor vehicle.

Finally, your vehicle is epoxy primed for delivery with all of your specified components

Customize your vision 240z below: