Engineering Services

  • Complete vehicle platform engineering
  • Suspension, steering, and brake development
  • Body in white creative, engineering, and A-surface and part development
  • Interior creative, engineering, and A-surface and part development
  • Composite structures and tooling design
  • Battery pack design and development
  • EV and hybrid drive line packaging
  • Production planning
  • Latest CAD and cam packages (CATIA, Rhino, Inventor, Fusion360, Ironcad)

For over 10 years Customs Factory has provided engineering services in the automotive, commercial and off-road vehicle markets. This includes complete vehicle engineering for concept cars, pre-production vehicles, and low volume super cars. We manage the entire engineering process from initial concept with design and feasibility studies, through styling and engineering, body and chassis design and manufacturing planning. Our team has extensive production and manufacturing experience, allowing us to assist you during the transition from the design team to the production group.

Our turnkey capability brings together expertise in vehicle design, vehicle engineering, parts sourcing and manufacturing. Designers can use our expertise in chassis, body and interior development while leveraging our manufacturing and integration to complete projects in shorter time frames and at reduced budgets.


  • Hand drawings, sketching, ideation
  • Product and vehicle photography and videography
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Adobe suite

We love to be a part of the process!  From creative sketching to materials picking we want to make your next project shine.  What better way to have commercial success than starting with sketches and renderings to build a brand while engineering and manufacturing commences.

Project Management

Our project management relies heavily on experience. We have been involved in more than 150 individual programs including concept car builds, low volume manufacturing, R&D and motorsport programs. You can benefit from our assistance in the development of timelines, budgets, and manufacturing plans, including build sequence, bill of materials (BOM) generation, and vendor management. We also have established technical and supplier relationships in the industry that can be leveraged to benefit your programs.


Our manufacturing and assembly members collaborate regularly with our engineering team to ensure that the appropriate processes, tooling, sourcing and timing is considered early in every program. This sharing of ideas throughout the business also ensures that every aspect of a program is considered and understood by the entire enterprise to keep us working towards a common goal.

CF’s fabricators and machinists are hands on problem solvers with years of experience.  We also maintain a fantastic working relationship with job shops in the US and overseas to maximize your cost and timeline needs

Utilizing the latest in CNC and manual equipment we are able to quickly and efficiently manufacture to print or data. We have experience with a wide range of materials and manage components through heat treating, QC, batch testing, and finishing.

If required, laser scanning or digitizing is used to ensure quality or reverse-engineer components.

Our welding area is equipped with TIG and MIG welders and CNC plasma cutters.  We maintain ultra-quick turnaround times with laser and waterjet cutters as well.  Our surface plate and fixtures can be jigged for large weldments such as vehicle chassis.  We also manufacture and extensively use laser or water jet cut egg crate fixtures to ensure quick and accurate fabricated structures.

In house capabilities

  • Large CNC mill (18’ x 9’ x 6’) for body bucks and large tooling
  • CNC laser cutter/engraver
  • CNC sewing
  • CNC router for flat materials (wood, MDF, plastic, aluminum) interior parts and templates
  • Vehicle tooling, body and interior bucks and architectural milling
  • Foam and soft media molds for CFRP
  • Composites layup (infusion, vacuum bagging, pre-preg or wet layups with oven curing)
  • Manual mill and lathe
  • Welding equipment
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Sheet metal equipment
  • Electrical wiring


Direct Supplier Relationships

  • CNC mill and lathe for large metallic structures
  • SLS, SLA, FDM, Polyjet
  • 3d scanning
  • Painting
  • Laser or waterjet cutting
  • Bending and forming
  • Trimming and interior


CF’s materials knowledge and composite capabilities maximize the efficiencies of each product developed.

Composite structures are increasingly common in transportation from aircraft to ground vehicles. To obtain the greatest benefit of a composite application, the components must be designed and tooled correctly from the start to ensure strength, fitment and high performance. The team at CF has designed and tooled composites as varied as aircraft fuselage components, production ground vehicle components, critical race car aerodynamics and non-functional interior trim components.

There are many manufacturing processes available to today’s composite engineer, including vacuum bagging to resin transfer molding using hard and soft tools. We can help you determine the correct approach for your application based on volume, tooling costs and production costs.

All tooling and part data is generated in 3D in a single file to ensure the tooling always matches the latest iteration of your parts. By utilizing geometrical sets of data (layers in some programs) the part geometry, base tooling pattern, run off, part lines scribes, and tool direction are maintained in the same file. This makes the manufacturing data an integral part of the component data, ensuring that the manufacturing and QC teams are always working from the same data as the design engineers.

We manufacture all of the tooling patterns in house and work directly with you to ensure the tools are compatible with your desired processes. We can guide you in picking the correct layup process for your budget and part quantity needs.

EV and Battery Solutions

EV and battery pack design is critical to the success of any EV program. Our team has worked with many battery manufacturers, successfully integrating their cells and monitoring systems into complete packages to be used in new or converted vehicle platforms. Leverage our experience and relationships to further your programs and achieve reliability and performance to achieve success in this new and competitive environment.

Here is a sampling of some of the solutions we provide:

  • Vehicle engineering integration of drive systems and batteries
  • Battery pack development and manufacture
  • Wiring looms manufacture

Vehicle Conversion, Integration and up-fitting

Vehicles today are so good that often times it makes sense to simply alter or modify a base vehicle to obtain the utility desired. We have extensive experience in reverse engineering existing vehicles and developing new components for installation.

Complete vehicle platforms or sub-system integration is performed using the latest computerized tools. During our 10 year history we have integrated multiple standard and EV powertrains into new or existing vehicle platforms. We have also performed complete vehicle engineering programs for new smaller vehicle manufacturers.

Modifications to suspension, exteriors, interiors and powertrain are handled in house. We work with your team to develop the manufacturing process and documentation to ensure a quality build. Our team has worked with companies like 5axis Design, Metalcrafters, and West Coast Customs on a wide range of up fit and conversion programs.


Headquartered in Southern California, CF has a small shop targeted at lean operations and utilizing our vast subs network.  We concentrate on no more than two projects at any one time to ensure success.

We welcome clients to be a part of the team during the build process and operate in a maker space style atmosphere allowing you to come and go as needed and use it as an office to launch your dreams!