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If the vehicle is coming from a donor car, we source the best donor cars available. We strive to use as many original parts as possible to aid in final fitment  The parts are removed and meticulously catalogued with travelers so they can be tracked as they are sent out to their various areas for restoration or refurbishment.

Frame/ Subframes/ Suspension

Donor frames are completely disassembled and sent out for media blasting.  Once we receive them back they are checked for straightness and cracking and any necessary repairs are made.  We then will go on to add any new engine, drivetrain or suspension bracketry.  Once the frame is assembled it is sent out for epoxy primer and satin black powder coat.

Some series vehicles are built from the ground up with a completely new frame.  These frames are build using laser cut and bent bracketry as well as tubing welded in precision fixturing.  They are blasted and finished in the same epoxy primer and satin black powder coat as the stock frames.

Suspension components are similarly build using laser cut and bent plate and tubing and welded in precision fixtures.  The suspension components are similarly epoxy and powder coated.  Aluminum suspension members are available for some of the high performance vehicles.

Depending on the vehicle it is outfitted with your choice of high performance coil overs for max travel, street driving, track days or any variation imaginable.  Bushings, sway bars and auxiliary components are matched to the customer’s wishes.

The brake and fuel systems use cnc bent and flared stainless steel lines.

Riveted and bonded aluminum chassis may be available for some of the high performance vehicles in the future.  Brake, fuel suspension and drivetrain installation may be available.  Enquire for information.  

Body & Paint

Donor bodies are sent out for media blasting and returned to us in bare metal for any necessary repairs.  Once the repairs to the body are completed it is sent back and re-blasted and powder coated ensuring a solid sealed body that will resist corrosion for years to come.

Some series vehicles are completely new bodies made from either fiberglass or carbon fiber if the customer desires a truly light high end vehicle.  The bodies are designed in house where we CNC machine all the necessary tooling.  The panels are laid up and vacuum infused with epoxy resin to create a light and stiff body.  The panels are then CNC trimmed and sent to the body fixture to be aligned and bonded into a finished body.

Painting services are available.  Enquire for pricing and availability.


We offer a full line of traditional drivetrains and plan to offer electric drivetrains soon.

Motor:  a wide variety of GM and ford gas and diesel engines are available. From 4 cylinders to 8 cylinders we can make your custom vehicle move!

Transmission:  We offer 5 and 6 speed manual Tremek transmission as well as 4 and 6spd automatic transmissions.

Clutch/torque converter:  race or street we can make the vehicle behave how you want by specifying the proper clutch or torque converter.

Transfer case:  For 4wd vehicles we offer two levels of transfer cases to match engine power and intended use of the vehicle.  For mild off-roading the standard case is fine.  For extreme off-roading we offer the wonderful atlas 2 transfer case.

Drive shafts/ half shafts:  Each vehicle is available with steel of aluminum driveshaft’s matched to your engine, transmission and suspension combo. Some sports cars are available with carbon fiber driveshaft’s.

Solid/ independent axles:  vehicles are available with a bevy of axles.  Be it soli or ifs/irs we have cases from stock to fully built available to match the performance of your vehicle.

Brakes:  we offer an assortment of wildwood or Brembo brakes and master cylinder components to match the performance of your vehicle.

Parking brakes: electric power brake kits fit standard and work better with less hassle than stock parking brake arrangements.

Steering:  steering racks, power brakes, electric power brakes, collapsible shafts and columns are available to fit your vision and performance.

Fuel:  fuel systems are tailored to your engine package and finished with in tank pumps in either stainless ro steel fuel tanks.

Call to enquire about battery and EV or any other drivetrains desired.  Mild to wild we can accommodate.


For donor vehicles, we fully strip the interior.  The seat frames are sent out for repair, blasting and painting and then made available for the customer to either cover as original or do something more wild.  Materials, stitch patterns and customization options are limitless.  If the client wants something more modern,  we have many seats available from TMI, Corbeau or Sparco with the proper brackets to fit your application.  Leathers and stitching customization is our favorite!

Interior panels similarly can be refurbished and recovered as stock, painted or new units can be customized to add style and functionality.  Call to enquire about a custom interior design for the dash, console, headliner, trim and door panels.

Custom vehicles have benefited from a somewhat clean sheet design, allowing us to add modern styles, shapes and touches to the interior of the non-donor vehicles.  For these vehicles just pick your colors, trims, inserts and stitching and you will have a beautiful bolt in interior.

Infotainment and gauge cluster can be taken care of with the stock unit out of a donor vehicle, or we can offer more modern solution.  Customs Factory’s Infotainment and gauge cluster systems take a classic vehicle and bring it into the 21st century by offering large 10 and 12 inch screens with al the modern amenities like navigation, backup camera, audio and video playback from your devices and standard app’s.  Pair that with great speakers and you have a 21’s century vehicle experience in a beautiful omage vehicle.  Other aftermarket gauge units and stereos are also available.

Interior billet and accessories:  to truly customize your interior chose from Customs Factory’s line of interior billet products for handles, knobs, mirrors, and steering wheels!


Vehicles benefit from a beautifully repaired body ready for body work and paint in your choice of colors and finishes.  Donor vehicles will have carefully designed pieces to accentuate or add to their beauty.  Some vehicles will simply have some new bumpers and flares while others will benefit from new fenders, hoods front ends and valences made from carbon fiber and bonded on tp create an entirely new vision of the base vehicle.

Add Customs Factory’s billet or carbon exterior accessories to your vehicle to customize and make your own modern day vision!


Check out our featured builds or create one of your own! We’d love to build your dream vehicle.