Customs Factory has one goal, to design and build Exceptional Products, be it automotive, aeronautical, consumer or business products, we can take an idea to the next level.  From concept sketches to full production, anything is possible using the tools at our disposal.  We offer a unique design and build experience that will immerse the client with design and fabrication details to encourage transparency.  This collaboration ensures a flow of ideas and information that drastically reduces rework in the build process. At Customs Factory the customer is number one and we do what it takes to get the project right the first time.  While deadlines loom large in almost all design disciplines, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality thorough designs.  The only way to have a good grasp of functionality is through

experience. The best designers are those that can visualize and execute designs through to fabrication.At Customs Factory we don’t just design, we produce. Customs Factory was founded in 2009 and specializes in engineering, low-volume manufacturing and program management. Our team has experience executing large programs for automotive OEMs and the defense industry as well as small projects where educating the customer is as important as the final product. At Customs factory, we combine our practical expertise with process driven manufacturing to ensure build quality and presentation is second to none. By paying special attention to detail, we provide effective engineering solutions and OEM build quality that ensures customers’ achieve maximum value for their investment.